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Del Nelson was the eastern Iowa sales manager for Sinclair Refining Co. when he decided to start his own oil company. In 1958, Del founded Dyno Oil Co., Inc. by leasing a closed bulk plant and four closed service stations from Sinclair Oil Co.

Since 1958, Dyno’s has experienced steady growth in sales and has changed its emphasis to keep up with the times. Dyno Oil Co., Inc. was the second in the state of Iowa to market gasohol (gasoline + ethyl alcohol) and distributed ethanol all over Iowa. At one time, Dyno Oil Co., Inc. had four bulk plants, four tank trucks and three transport trucks.

As the environmental laws became more stringent and costly over time, Dyno’s customers gave up their underground storage tanks while service stations gave way to convenience stores with self-service pumps. Dyno Oil Co., Inc. sold its bulk plants, tank wagons and transport trucks.

In 2016, Mobil Lubricants Company reduced the number of direct distributors in the U.S. and dropped Dyno Oil Co., Inc. who had been a Mobil distributor for the past 58 years. By doing so, Mobil wanted Dyno’s to either buy from another distributor or sell their lube business. As a company, Dyno’s felt that they had worked too hard meeting their customers’ lubricant needs that it would not work trying to buy from another distributor, so they sold to Lube Tech. Lube Tech not only bought Dyno’s lube business, but they also purchased their facility in Spencer and kept their  employees who already knew the customers.

Dyno’s management team now consists of Del’s son, Mark Nelson, who serves as President. Mark has over 40 years of experience working both at Dyno Oil Co., Inc. and for an Alaskan petroleum company. Mark’s wife, Nellie Nelson, is secretary/treasurer and in charge of human resources. She has over 35 years in the petroleum business and was previously the Assistant Director of Financial Aid at Charter College in Anchorage, Alaska. John Long is Dyno’s Vice-President of Operations and has been in the petroleum business since 1973, and with Dyno Oil Co., Inc. since 1985.

The Nelsons now own and operate 13 convenience stores located in Milford, Pocahontas, Emmetsburg, Spirit Lake, Spencer, Storm Lake, Hartley, Sanborn, Sibley, Albert City and Sac City, with their main office in Spencer. Dyno Oil Company is your neighborhood convenience store and gas station. Dyno’s Sinclair stations are the perfect place to fill up your car with fuel or your stomach with food. If you’re traveling in the area, there is a Dyno’s near you to stop and fuel up.













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